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Art Beat, Lisbon

Art Beat, Lisbon

A collaboration with Val Kilmer, produced by none less than animus. This new artwork is an oil painting that adresses the personality of an artist at the core of their creativity.

During NFC Lisbon 2024 the exhibition was brought to you all at the Palacio de Tancos.

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A collection where the Renaissance meets the digital age. Classical figures, adorned in Renaissance attire, engage with computers, exploring the intersection of historical grandeur and modern technology.


Meeting between the clouds, at the top of Google news
My art in the top of Google news next to news about NASA
INSPIRE art show curated by DVK and Irena for NBC 2023
DVK representing the MakersPlace booth at NFC Lisbon

Art Fairs & Exhibitions

It was such an honor to be the first digital artist as well as being the first artist to show my work live on screens at the fair. Note this fair is the largest fair in Northern Europe that has the same large venue annually. 

The Emperor’s New Buildings

New collection with Mirage Gallery

A 300 artworks collection with one of the worlds top AI galleries. This collection showcases how we will see the artwork of our house before building it in the future.

AI will change the way we develop our concepts and our process in digital art, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we have less creativity or handcraft in the process, it just gives us more tools to work with.

About DVK

DVK is a Danish artist, best known for his expressive digital art. Growing up surrounded by art and having a background as a graphic designer, DVK has a deep understanding of both art and technology. His diverse portfolio includes portraiture, ultra-contemporary architecture, and online presence.


Meeting between the clouds on the front page of artnet
DVK collab with Trevor Jones on the front page of Unchained
Article pre AI Art Hackathon
Articulate article about DVK

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