A Day in the Life of an Artist

In “A Day in the Life of an Artist,” I invite you into my world—a glimpse of my existence, deeply immersed in the realm of creativity, where time and space fade away. Throughout this artistic journey, day and night become indistinguishable, as the passion for creation knows no boundaries. In these timeless moments, I find a taste of immortality, a sacred connection between my mind and the art I bring to life. Amidst this eternal creative flow, the concept of time takes on a new meaning. If given the gift of immortality, would I lose sight of its value, or would I revel in the boundless possibilities it offers? To live forever would be to perpetually evolve, to amass knowledge, and to give birth to new forms of art. As I embrace the permanence of the blockchain, I leave a part of myself—a legacy—for eternity. In this digital realm, my art becomes an everlasting beacon of expression, a testament to my passion, and a gift to future generations.

Exhibited in Carmel by the Sea, California as a part of the “ART UNBOUND” collection and curation by DVK the artist and DeltaSauce in collaboration with MakersPlace.

Exhibited live in Carmel by the Sea, California (Pebble Beach)
Thoughts behind the exhibition

“Watching the Sun Come Up” captures the moment when the artist realizes they’ve pulled an all-nighter, fueled by relentless dedication and creative fire. As the first rays of morning light filter in through the windows, the artist becomes aware of time slipping away, accompanied by the sounds of chirping birds that signal the new day. The city awakens, basked in the warm, red hues of dawn, illuminating the entire room with invigorating sunlight. This artwork is intended as a raw expression of unyielding determination, an artistic drive to channel creativity from the depths of one’s being. I wish to share my understanding of that unstoppable urge to unleash imagination, that I as an artist delve into, in the vast expanse of my inner world. “Watching the Sun Come Up” stands as a testament to the unshakeable passion that propels my artistic vision forward, time and time again, to create and conquer new heights.

Exhibited in Carmel by the Sea, California as a part of the “ART UNBOUND” collection and curation by DVK the artist and DeltaSauce in collaboration with MakersPlace.

Limited edition of 5 coming with this print

2023 Interpretation of Sauron, by DVK.

My goal with this piece was to capture the essence of both contemporary Zeitgeist and traditional elements, drawing inspiration from my deep admiration for Tolkien’s universe. It provided the perfect canvas to showcase the quality of the upscaling method I’ve developed.

Originally, I had planned to depict Melkor, but since I had already done so in the past, I decided to explore the character of Sauron instead. Sauron, being Melkor’s pupil and a central figure in the stories, offered a captivating challenge for my reinterpretation.

Tolkien’s influence extends beyond his literary works, and his connection to Denmark has been on my mind lately. Fascinatingly, he had a strong affinity for Denmark and even included references to Danish places in his books. One notable example is Helm’s Deep (featured in the second movie of the Fellowship Trilogy), which finds its roots in a real place in Denmark with a history of rebellion.

As an artist, I find myself intrigued by stories revolving around artists and their creative processes. Tolkien himself once held a competition for artists to visualize his work, which sparked my imagination. Drawing from his legacy, I embarked on my artistic journey of reinterpreting Sauron.

In this piece, I employed this upscaling method that I developed, utilizing both AI and GAN to breathe new life into the artwork. After the upscaling process, I dedicated numerous hours to meticulously paint in intricate details myself. This blend of technology and traditional craftsmanship allowed me to bring forth my vision of Sauron, encapsulating the spirit of the contemporary era while retaining the essence of Tolkien’s timeless storytelling.

1/1 of interpretation of Sauron, by DVK
Part of the first collection on JOYN - "Zeitgeist"

“Let me have a look at you,” your cyborg doctor says as she enters the room.

Avatar by DVK.
Augmented Human #3.

Exhibited basically worldwide as a part of the SuperChiefGallery CYBERPUNK wouldtour.

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