DVK the artist

I grew up with an interest in art, even in my earliest years you would find me being creative for hours every day.

With my dad being a traditional oil painter and an architect working from home I had a mentor all day. Since my childhood I have been going to exhibitions all over Denmark.

Today my two brothers have interestingly also chosen related paths. The one as a traditional painter and the other as an architect.

Personally I have always been leaning towards the digital world and working on the computer. Throughout all of those years I self-studied through programs, such as all of the Adobe programs, 3D programs, video editing and many other more technical ones.

This led me towards a digital career as a graphic designer, whilst that is also very creative, I always missed the focus creating art for myself and with my own thoughts and intentions in mind.

'Let me have a look at you' CYBERPUNK Vol5 exhibition in Paris (BRAND NEW RELEASE!)
DVK the artist
'The first sentient AI' exhibited in The Oculus in New York (sold out!)
"Secrets of the NVIDIA Graphic Card" - exhibited during Miami Art Week at Scope Art Show with SuperChief Gallery NFT (sold out!)
Shibuya Square Tokyo (the largest square in the world) (sold out!)

My artistic journey is an intricate tapestry, woven from the threads of Brutalist architecture, Nordic Noir, punk culture, web3, technology, AI, digital art, oil painting texture, abstract, and expressionism. By embracing these diverse inspirations, I aim to forge a distinct contemporary artistic voice that will transcend time and boundaries. Through my creations, I hope to ignite conversations, evoke emotions, and inspire others to explore the limitless realm of artistic possibilities.

Overcharged - photo from the "Immutably Art" exhibition during Rome Art week, arranged by DVK (sold out!)
'The meeting' exhibited in Rome - I was curated into the show with two pieces in the MFA Open Call Vol1 (sold out!)
London at the OXO Tower Wharf with Cluster-London's annual art fair. Was curated in to represent both the NFT space & AI art.
Photo from the AIIA Vol1 exhibition, arranged and curated by DVK the artist (sold out!)


DVK is an acclaimed multi-disciplinary artist and curator, whose profound artistic prowess has captivated audiences worldwide through compelling exhibitions.

DVK’s diverse range of creative expressions encompasses illustration, graphic design, and extensive expertise in working with AI. Often drawing inspiration from Expressionism, Nordic Noir, Futurism, and Brutalism, DVK’s body of work resonates with profound depth and evocative aesthetics.

Through his art, DVK eloquently conveys his inner universe, experiences, and resolute perspectives on the world at large.

A brutal world, depicted by DVK the artist
'A brutal world' one of DVK's earliest minted pieces, exhibited in Los Angeles and collected immediately on the first night by a visitor

As humans, we naturally enjoy various music genres and diverse art forms. To me, there’s no reason why artists shouldn’t explore multiple styles if they have the interest and ability to do so. Embracing various genres should be appreciated and highly respected. It enriches our creative journey, allowing us to master different expressions and push the boundaries of art. Let’s celebrate the beauty of diversity in art and honor those who fearlessly blend multiple inspirations, creating captivating and unique narratives.

'The Emperor's New Buildings' - A reference to the story of the Emperor who walked around the city naked. The future of AI is here. Within short we'll see AI enter a multitude of industries. It may not be there yet, but you can expect that it is already being built.


I am a passionate autodidact and self-taught artist. I take pleasure in delving into various programs, exploring their capabilities, and devising innovative ways to utilize tools across different platforms. Through this approach, I create unique results that others may not achieve due to the process, technological advancements, and methods I have developed. My commitment to continuous learning and experimentation empowers me to push artistic boundaries and produce original works that stand out from the crowd.

Augmented Humans - A series inspired by counterculture, punk history, anti establishment and futurism

Thoughts & process 1/3

Before diving into the creation process of my digital artwork, I dedicate considerable thought to what I want to convey and the underlying purpose. For me, it’s not just about producing a visually appealing piece; it’s about infusing it with genuine expression and connecting with others through the artistic thoughts I wish to share.

While the final visual result and beauty undoubtedly hold significance, I firmly believe that without a clear intent and emotional depth, the artwork may feel hollow. In today’s world, with advancing technologies, creating something aesthetically pleasing has become more accessible to everyone. However, the true challenge lies in forging a meaningful connection with the audience.

Through my art, I aspire to resonate with others on a deeper level, evoking emotions and sparking conversations. It’s about weaving a narrative that speaks to the human experience, transcending mere aesthetics to touch the hearts and minds of those who encounter my work. In this pursuit, I aim to craft digital creations that not only captivate the eye but also nourish the soul, leaving a lasting impact on those who engage with my artistic expression.

'Meeting between the clouds' created live at scene in Lisbon at the 2023 conference - click the image to read about my process on Twitter

Thoughts & process 2/3

In my creative process, I love embarking on experimentation with various tools, seeking ways to materialize the visual concepts I hold in my mind. Embracing a unique and flexible approach, I relish exploring fresh methods that may or may not involve entirely new tools. My dedication to art is evident in the countless hours I invest daily, allowing me to accumulate valuable experience across a multitude of programs.

The amalgamation of experimentation and knowledge is what truly drives me. Each day spent honing my skills deepens my understanding of these tools, enabling me to harness their full potential in bringing my artistic visions to life. It is this fusion of curiosity and expertise that propels me forward, pushing the boundaries of my artistry and inspiring new artistic discoveries.

I find joy in the never-ending journey of growth, knowing that every day spent in creative exploration contributes to my development as an artist. As I continuously build upon my experience, my artistic voice evolves, enriching my ability to connect with others through the powerful language of art.

DVK the artist - exhibited in Seoul
'Submerged in surrealism' exhibited at Dongdaemun design plaza in Seoul, Korea

Thoughts & process 3/3

As an example, I often take a single piece and subject it to the creative journey of traversing through 10 different AI tools. This process leads to the generation of several thousands of outputs, each contributing uniquely to the final masterpiece. Additionally, I invest substantial hours in meticulously upscaling and retouching the artwork, using programs such as Photoshop and Procreate on the iPad.

This dedication to the artistic process reflects my commitment to exploring diverse techniques and leveraging the power of AI to enhance my creations. Through persistent experimentation and fine-tuning, I ensure that the final piece embodies the true essence of my vision, seamlessly blending technology with artistic craftsmanship.

My artistic journey is an fusion of innovation and passion, resulting in captivating and unique artworks that bear the mark of both human creativity and cutting-edge AI tools. The final outcome stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities that emerge when artistry meets technological exploration.