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Art Beat, Lisbon

Art Beat, Lisbon

A collaboration with Val Kilmer, produced by none less than animus. This new artwork is an oil painting that adresses the personality of an artist at the core of their creativity.

During NFC Lisbon 2024 the exhibition was brought to you all at the Palacio de Tancos.

I will break the rules. I will challenge the norms. I will not sit idle. I need a challenge; I will seek challenges.

This is a message. This is rebellion. This is provocation. This is controversy.

I will do anything for a challenge. I will do anything for art.

The world is full of challenges and art; the details are challenging, and I am beginning to love them.

How do we oversee them? I would give anything to see the details.

I cannot decide what art is; the market decides.

Challenge the mind, challenge the market.

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My collab with Val Kilmer
Signed physical oil painting by DVK
Proof of Val
Leo, Tania and Julian
Official NFC Lisbon Event
DVK Art Beat Presentation
Art Beat Official Dinner

Permanent artwork
‘Ethereum’ Blockchain
Minted on Transient Labs
Unique DVK signature
Imported to MakersPlace

Year: 2024
Resolution: 7680 x 9600
Size: 153 MB
Format: PNG
Style: Artistic Augmentation
Upscaling Method: DVKupscaling

Load in high quality here to get the experience of the art work

animus, the producer of the show
A trailblazer for web3 joined us
Listen the podcast/space with: Artists on the chains very own Bobbi Bicker
Kamp Kilmer by Val Kilmer, when art is in the center
Val Kilmer, the rebellious visionary

Load in high quality here to get the experience of the art work