DVK the artist

DVK is a Danish artist, best known for his expressive digital art. Growing up surrounded by art and having a background as a graphic designer, DVK has a deep understanding of both art and technology. His diverse portfolio includes portraiture, ultra-contemporary architecture, and online presence.


+45 28 63 61 31

"Secrets of the NVIDIA Graphic Card" - exhibited during Miami Art Week at Scope Art Show with SuperChief Gallery NFT (sold out!)
Shibuya Square Tokyo (the largest square in the world) (sold out!)
"The Oculus" in New York, at World Trade Center - Exhibition
Line outside the gallery in New York

A curated platform for digital art

With more than 20 years in the traditional art world and a finger on the pulse, Hans Alf has now set his eye on the digital evolution.

This has already surmounted in a brand physical digital gallery, with new displays made only to show art and a platform where you can collect digital art from the very best artists.

Overcharged - photo from the "Immutably Art" exhibition during Rome Art week, arranged by DVK (sold out!)
'The meeting' exhibited in Rome - I was curated into the show with two pieces in the MFA Open Call Vol1 (sold out!)
London at the OXO Tower Wharf with Cluster-London's annual art fair. Was curated in to represent both the NFT space & AI art.
Photo from the AIIA Vol1 exhibition, arranged and curated by DVK the artist (sold out!)


Displays made explicitly to show art in the highest quality.
A normal screen has about 14 million colors, these have over a billion.


43″ 6.800,- DKK
55″ 11.000,- DKK
65″ 13.500,- DKK
53″ SQ 21.000,- DKK

85″ and 98,5″ prices coming soon!

Augmented Humans - A series inspired by counterculture, punk history, anti establishment and futurism