ARTIST X AI 000001
Co-curated by Claire Silver
Exhibited with the piece ‘LIMITLESS’
June 2022, during the NFT NYC week
25 Editions

SuperChief Selects Vol1
Co-curated by Ainsly, lead curator at SuperChief
Exhibited with the piece ‘A brutal world’

Mecenate Fine Art Gallery Open Call Vol1
Winner of the competition and exhibited with two pieces
Exhibited with ‘The meeting’ &
‘Where is life’

NFT Show Europe in Vienna
Exhibited with the piece ‘Are you content’

AI is freedom
AIIA Vol1 Exhibition Curated and arranged by DVK himself… In Rome.
Exhibited two pieces ‘Are you truly free’ and ‘I need to be free’

Immutably Art
Exhibition during RAW (Rome art week), curated and arranged by DVK and co-curated by August Rosedale from Mirage Gallery.
Exhibited the piece ‘Overcharged’

Cluster-London Contemporary Art Fair 2022
Exhibited six piecesĀ 
‘Are you truly free’
‘Who am I’
‘I need to be free’
‘Illusory facades’
‘Are you content’

The NFT bar in London
Exhibited one piece

Miami Basel 2022
ARTIST X AI 000002

NYC with Sinbad exhibition

AIIA exhibition Vol2
In Rome, curated and arranged by DVK

Milan exhibition with Vandalo…

NFT Paris

Nft factory Paris

NFT Korea Festival

The Oculus in NYC